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Gnutella2 Clients

The following clients support Gnutella2:

Name Description Platform Development Status
Shareaza Shareaza pioneered the Gnutella2 platform and continues to play an active role in its development. Connects to several additional networks as well. Windows Active
Sharelin Sharelin is an open source terminal leaf-mode client for Linux and UNIX. Linux/Unix Active
Envy Envy. Shareaza dev fork, formerly PeerProject. Windows Active
PeerProject PeerProject. Shareaza mirror, continued as Envy. Windows Inactive
Quazaa Quazaa. Cross-Platform Inactive
Gnucleus Gnucleus is one of the first Gnutella clients and is an open source Gnutella2 client. It is based on GnucDNA, a Gnutella2 library. Windows Inactive
Morpheus Morpheus is a mainstream P2P client which switched from the FastTrack network to the Gnutella network and now to the Gnutella2 network. Morpheus is no longer officially available. Windows Inactive
Adagio Adagio is a Gnutella2 server which aims to provide a very configurable, highly reliable cross-platform daemon. Cross-Platform Inactive
FileScope FileScope is a file sharing program that connects to multiple peer-to-peer (P2P) networks and allows for finding and downloading all types of files. Written in C#. Windows Inactive
MLDonkey An open source deamon client. Has many different GUI's you can use. Also connects to many other networks in addition to Gnutella2. Cross-Platform Inactive
Pocket G2 Pocket G2 is a Gnutella2 client written in for Pocket PCs. Windows Mobile Inactive