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I think that G2 as protocol is fine, but lack of features like webcache and also...

I push 2 ways of make better the experience of G2net Users... 1) Implement a way of Cache that WORKS in G2net 2) Evolve G2net to a truly FileSystem and name it G3FS or perhaps ODFS(Open Distributed File System)

Better to explain...

1) Implement a way of Cache that WORKS in G2net I defend the idea of a webcache like emule has, but in a very diferent way. Webcache/PeerCache users relay in the false fact that the ISPs is providing gigant Servers to improve the user experience in P2P networks. false. the fact is that ISPs is making their conections MORE and MORE Asymmetric that ever, making very dificult to use all the power of the connections we pay. Webcache/Peercache was a complete haze from the begin. i defend the idea of a Cache for accelerate Downloads speed from a diferent point of view. we have G2Net with HTTP working flawlesly... perhaps is time to embrace new protocols. i push the idea of use FTP accounts with HTTP visibility to store most requested chunks in temporary way. after a chunk request, the server-side (the uploader) uploads the chunk to a FTP account and reply to the client-side (the downloader) with a HTTP-Temporary-Link. when the client is finished downloading, reply to the server about the fact that he finished and the server deletes the chunk from FTPspace if anybody is requesting the same chunk. ths way, the longer the upload queue the better the posibility to uploads to multiple clients with a simple FTP upload.

2) Evolve G2net to a truly FileSystem and name it G3FS or perhaps ODFS(Open Distributed File System) I love the idea of freenet, a truly decentralized and autoreplicant Network... but the problem is that rely in some form of propietary protocol and is dificult to firewalls and proxys relay with this way of comunication. I am thinking in a new way of P2P, a truly Distributed File System in internet and managed by the open source comunity. ideally when, for example, Debian make a new release of their linux distribution, a system admin that want to test it, only boot with a disquette with G3Net Driver inside and DIRECTLY runs debian-linux from internet. he can use part of RAM or HD like a cache, but that is the idea... but before that this idea can be achieved, is necesary a Network capable of secure comunications, a versioning FS, and directory listings with ACL (Access Control List) and with the fact that the FS is in a untrust place like internet, they must implement things like PGP signs for authenticate changes. this is a BIG, REALLY BIG project, but i think Gnutella Community is able to make the first step, like when Gnutella invent the P2P before Napster and Gnutella develop true Decentraliced P2P network, before Kadnetwork... personaly, i love this idea, and i think that G2net is a protocol that have all necesary 'burocracy' needed, and 'only' needs to extend the protocol and modify it to make a bigger Gnutella Network...

i think that the P2P Network as we know until now is doomed to dissapear. a DFS (Distributed File System) that rely in internet will appear some day... will be G3net/ODFS the first? or perhaps anything else?