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/CRAWLA - Local Node Information

The crawl answer packet is the response to a crawl request packet. It contains information about the current node for a Gnutella2 crawler.


The /LNI packet should be sent to a TCP neighbour upon connection, and at regular intervals following that if the information within it has changed. A minimum update time of one minute is recommended.


A /CRAWLA packet should only be received by a crawler in response to a /CRAWLR packet, which should use it to gather information about the Gnutella2 network.


This packet has no payload at the current time.


The /CRAWLA packet has the following child packets defined:

  • /CRAWLA/SELF - Vendor Code and Version
  • /CRAWLA/NA - Network Address
  • /CRAWLA/HS - Hub Status
  • /CRAWLA/NAME - User Nickname
  • /CRAWLA/V - Vendor Code
  • /CRAWLA/CV - Current Version
  • /CRAWLA/HUB - Only present if the host is a hub
  • /CRAWLA/LEAF - Only present if the host is a leaf
  • /CRAWLA/NH - Neighbour Host